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Asarela Sweet 15/16

Welcome to our QuinceaƱera/Sweet Sixteen section on our website! 

Whether you call it a QuinceaƱera,

a Sweet Fifteen or a Sweet Sixteen,
today's celebration is a very special time.

For the family, it is a time to show off their beloved daughter to family and friends. It is a time to give thanks to God for that precious life. It is an opportunity for la familia to get together! Just as important, it is a time to create a magnificent feast and a beautiful party!

From the quinceanera's point-of-view, it is a time to get her best friends together for an unforgettably good time. It is an opportunity to dress up in a beautiful gown and be the center of attention for a day. It is a time to share with mom and dad, favored aunts and madrinas, special moments in the planning and organizing of this very extraordinary day. It is a time that she will remember forever!

We hope to make those steps a little easier at Asarela Boutique! Here are products we offer to make the planning of a Sweet 15/16 easier!

Sweet 15/16 Dress

A dress fit for a princess

The dress is the most important part for your special day! Choosing you dream dress is always

Jewelry & Crown


What is a dress without the perfect crown or Jewelry? 

Personalized T-shirts

Team Birthday Girl!

Personalized t-shirts are perfect for you to wear  when you go get your hair done and when your photographers arrive! They are also perfect for when you and your sweet 15/16 court do their surprise dance!

Party/Ceremony Set

Set of 7 pieces!

Asarela Boutique is now happy to offer our Sweet 15/16 Ceremony sets! Ring pillow, shoes pillow, Bible, Doll, Guestbook, Photo Album & Gift Envelope holder!

Sweet 15/16 in store Photo Shoot

Dream Dress & Pictures that will last a lifetime! 

We know it may be hard some times for parents to afford a whole party for their daughter in fancy venue, with decorations, & a DJ etc. Sometimes Sweet 15/16 girls do not want a party just dinner, pictures, and a night out with friends and wish they could take pictures with a princess dress ...This is why we have created Asarela Boutique's in store photo shoot!

Our Session includes:

  • Pictures taken by a photographer
  • Crown & Accessories to wear during shoot
  • Choice of any Sweet 15/16 dress that is in store only to wear                    during shoot
  • Makeup
  • A Memory that will last forever!